• The 4 “C’s” of arts integration in the classroom

    The 4 C's of arts integration in the classroom

    SOURCE: //www.teachingchannel.org/blog/2014/12/03/why-arts-integration-is-essential/ By now you have probably heard that arts integration is a thing. You might have had some coaching on how to connect an art project to a lesson, or your school may have brought back drama, dance, and the visual arts. This is all very exciting. Yet for some, we may ...

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  • 2016-2017 Playbill Time!!!

    2016-2017 Playbill Time!!!

    Playbill Deadline extended to September 24th! Show your support for the arts in the Norwell Public Schools. Click here to become a sponsor. PLAYBILL  

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Open Call for Arts Photos & Videos

Checkout out our Galleries page for photos of arts events in Norwell schools. We encourage anyone who has taken photos or videos of arts events to please email them to us at photos@norwellarts.org and we'll post them to the galleries.

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Arts Around Town Blog

People talk about seeing things through rose-colored glasses, but I started seeing things through poetry-colored glasses. — Juan Felipe Herrera, U.S. Poet Laureate

When he was young, Juan Felipe Herrera wanted to be a public speaker. “I dreamed of standing in front of an audience and giving these long speeches,” he explains by phone. But then he discovered poetry, and the color of the world changed. “People talk about seeing things through rose-colored glasses, but I started seeing Read More

Featured Arts: NHS Students Bring Home the Scholastic Art Awards

The Scholastic Art Awards are a national award program sponsored by The Alliance For Young Artists and Writers and Scholastic Educational Magazines, Inc. Locally the Boston Globe Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are presented by the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Since 1923, the Awards have recognized and encouraged millions of students, including Truman Capote, Philip Pearlstein, Sylvia Plath, Andy Warhol, John Updike and Stephen King who won when they were teens. In more recent years, famous names such as Myla Goldberg, Paul Chan, Zac Posen, Lena Dunham and Erik Madigan Heck have become alumni of the program.

This year Norwell High School students have proven once again that our program is a national leader in participation and quality of work. Works were judged on originality, technical skill, and emergence of personal vision or voice. The following students have been recognized for excellence in their work:


Victoria Austin, Silver Key, Blank, Drawing and Illustration

Sahana Bail, Gold Key, Prayer, Drawing and Illustration

Sahana Bail, Honorable Mention, Shia, Painting

Sahana Bail, Honorable Mention, Newberry, Drawing and Illustration

Sahana Bail, Silver Key, Dynamic, Art Portfolio

Conrad Bailey, Honorable Mention, Industrial Flag, Photography

Devon Bailey, Gold Key, San Francisco, Painting

Devon Bailey, Honorable Mention, Journal, Art Portfolio

Devon Bailey, Silver Key, Painters Shirts, Painting

Sarah Bawabe, Silver Key, Skydiver, Drawing and Illustration

Abigail Carney, Honorable Mention, Mountain Range, Mixed Media

Victoria Collins, Gold Key, Sketchy Guy, Drawing and Illustration

Victoria Collins, Silver Key, Colorful Expression of Emotion, Art Portfolio

Caleb Getto, Gold Key, Pensive, Drawing and Illustration

Caleb Getto, Honorable Mention, Stuff I Like, Art Portfolio

Caity Henning, Gold Key, Untitled, Photography

Caity Henning, Honorable Mention, Kate, Drawing and Illustration

Caity Henning, Silver Key, Violet, Photography

Marissa Johnson, Honorable Mention, Kayla, Drawing and Illustration

Amy Joseph, Gold Key, Presence of Time, Drawing and Illustration

Amy Joseph, Gold Key, Gossip, Drawing and Illustration

Amy Joseph, Gold Key, Comical Candid, Digital Art

Amy Joseph, Honorable Mention, Fabric Framed, Drawing and Illustration

Amy Joseph, Silver Key, Math Class, Drawing and Illustration

Amy Joseph, Silver Key, Anxiety, Drawing and Illustration

Dallis Kehoe, Honorable Mention, Grand Canyon Collage, Mixed Media

Abigail Lambert, Honorable Mention, The Secret Man, Sculpture

Hannah Lind, Honorable Mention, The Creation of Abaddon, Drawing and Illustration

Jade Maljojoki, Honorable Mention, Blind Grandma Mao, Fashion

Kryssa Mitchell, Honorable Mention, Casual Egotism, Drawing and Illustration

Paul Seguin, Honorable Mention, Still life, Drawing and Illustration

Neve Thompson, Honorable Mention, Victoria, Drawing and Illustration

Rebecca Weydt, Gold Key, Fabric and Textures, Art Portfolio

Rebecca Weydt, Gold Key, Knit Hat, Drawing and Illustration

Rebecca Weydt, Silver Key, Happy in the Hat, Drawing and Illustration

Ethan Wu, Honorable Mention, Subway, Photography

Ethan Wu, Silver Key, Villa, Photography



Annalise Lacorazza, Gold Key, Poppies, Science Fiction/Fantasy

Annalise Lacorazza, Honorable Mention, Hard to Find, Poetry

Annalise Lacorazza, Honorable Mention, Shit, Poetry

Elizabeth Sheedy, Gold Key, It’s Easy at Leisure to Lose Myself, Poetry

Elizabeth Sheedy, Honorable Mention, Snack Time with Friends, Poetry

Elizabeth Sheedy, Honorable Mention, Family Reunion, Flash Fiction

Elizabeth Sheedy, Silver Key, The Escape Artist, Poetry