Grants FAQ

Q: What is the NSAS Donations & Grants program?

A:  It is a needs-based program to support arts initiatives and programs in Norwell public schools


Q: Who manages the donations & grants process?

A: The NSAS Funding & Volunteer Support Committee, comprised of the school Building Reps plus volunteers


Q: Who may request a grant?

A: Norwell Public School students & faculty

– Student requests need faculty sponsorship

– Student grants managed by faculty sponsor


Q: Who may request a donation?

A: Any non-profit organization that directly or indirectly supports the arts in Norwell schools


Q: When are grant requests considered?

A1: Annual Grants & Donations

– Awarded at the end of each academic year for following year

– Call for proposals sent by May 1

– Applications submitted by June 1

– Reviewed / voted at last NSAS meeting of the year

– Announced & awarded on last day of school

A2: As-Needed Grants & Donations

– Submitted as needs / opportunities arise

– Reviewed / decided per decision authorities


Q: Who is responsible for the grant process?

A: The NSAS Steering Committee will

– post process and application form on web site

– spread the word and help faculty & students apply

– receive and verify requests

– review requests against annual funding plan

– present requests and recommendations for vote (all, some, none)

– document vote results

– track performance

NSAS Treasurer will

– document current funds availability as needed

– pay out voted funds

NSAS Steering Committee will maintain a formal record


Q: Who has grant decision authority?

A: Decision authority is as follows:

– Requests valued at $250.00 or less, may be voted on by NSAS Steering Committee without waiting for the next NSAS meeting.

– Requests valued between $251 and $750 must be presented at a NSAS meeting and voted on at that meeting.

– Requests in excess of $750 must be presented at a NSAS meeting and will require detailed discussion prior to a vote. The vote may be postponed until the following NSAS meeting, if the NSAS Steering Committee decides more information about the item is needed.


Q: How is the grant program managed?

A: At the annual grant planning meeting in April, the NSAS Steering Committee will:

– set NSAS funding goals for following year

– review funds on hand /  expected by LDoS

– determine total amount for funding program

– allocate between annual and as-needed programs

– set application review criteria


Click here to download the NSAS Grant Request Form V5

You may complete the application form electronically using Adobe Acrobat and email it to, or you may print and complete the form by hand and mail to the address below. Please be sure to ask your principal to include his/her comments prior to submitting.

Norwell Scholastic Arts Society
PO Box 117
Norwell, MA 02061