1. What is the NSAS?

The Norwell Scholastic Arts Society (NSAS) is a parent association formed in 2009 to advocate for the importance of arts education for all students, to build awareness of the high quality fine and performing arts programs in the Norwell Public Schools and to raise funds to support those programs in grades K-12. NSAS incorporated in 2012.

2. Who are its members?

The NSAS is made up of parents and family members of Norwell students, as well as local community members, and is advised by the arts faculty and administrative staff at all four Norwell Public Schools.  Primary contacts for the NSAS for the 2014-2015 school year can be reached through the NSAS email at info@norwellarts.org. Board members for 2014-2015 are:

Christine Hudanich, President

Ana Diaz, Vice President

Jane Anderson, Treasurer

Christine Josti, Secretary

3. How do you raise funds?

Our primary means of fundraising is through an annual “Play●bill” we produce for all NPS performances and arts events. The Play●bill has standard copy and features sponsorship from local businesses as well as individual friends and patrons of the arts. It is professionally designed and produced to better publicize our benefactors. The Play●bill is distributed at over 30 NPS cultural events each year. It is a wonderful resource for our community.

4. What are the funds used for? What does the NSAS do in our community?

Funds raised through the Play●bill are made available to art, music and theatre teachers in grades K-12 to support special events, equipment and much more. In 2010, for example, funds were used to purchase a new drum set for the NHS Jazz Ensemble, drafting desks for the art department, and performance rights and set materials for plays performed by the Fourth Wall Players. More recently, NSAS provided event management and volunteers at several key arts events across town. Also, we contributed to the Dr. Beaudette scholarship fund.

5. How do you build awareness of events?

We have an email list to let members know about upcoming arts events and meetings. In addition to articles and announcements in the Norwell Mariner, we have a group of dedicated members who post notices around Norwell and at arts-related facilities in local towns promoting the upcoming events. We invite you to join now!

Click here for membership registration and sponsorship options.

6. Who can join the NSAS?

Anyone with a love of the arts and a willingness to help is welcome to join.

7. How can I join the NSAS?

To join, simply contact info@norwellarts.org

8. How can I help?

YOU CAN HELP by joining the NSAS, sponsoring the 2014-2015 Play●bill, volunteering at arts events and promoting upcoming arts events to your friends, family, and colleagues. Everyone benefits when our wonderful arts events are well attended.