Summer Music Lessons for Kids by B&B Music Lessons

When school lets out, most kids are excited. Their heads are filled with visions of hiking, biking, lying in the grass, playing in the sprinkler, and getting a nice long break from homework.

Parents, however, often have a different vision. In their minds’ eye, they see their children losing valuable knowledge in what’s known as summer learning loss, which happens to most students in most age groups. What’s the solution, you’re wondering?


Summertime is the perfect time to learn something new

Summer music lessons, which offer many important boons to kids. The following three are among the most important.

1. Teachers Come to You

We know how busy you are as a parent, especially with the extra stress of the summer months, which is why we send our teachers directly to your home for lessons. Kids can practice and learn in a comfortable, familiar environment, while you don’t have to load them into the car for another chore! It’s a win-win.

Don’t let your child miss out on music lessons when you could instead keep them engaged and learning all summer long. Sign up now for the perfect low-pressure, high-value activity for the coming summer months.

2. Music Challenges Kids

Lots of kids enjoy the challenges of school and its associated extracurricular activities, and miss them over the long downtime of summer. Luckily, music provides a perfect answer to this problem, because it is both fun and challenging, and keeps kids engaged. Just because school stops doesn’t mean your lessons have to, and continuing to work on music over the summer gives kids goals to work toward, building self-reliance and initiative.

Some parents worry that with their kids out of school, which puts an extra financial and time burden on them (especially if they still work full time), adding another activity will tax their schedules too much. Well guess what?

3. Music Keeps Brains Working!

Even though school is out, you want to keep your kid’s brain functioning on a high level during the break, and music is the perfect way to do that.

If you’ve already signed your child up for music lessons, chances are you know all about the important advantages it offers kids. In addition to being an important creative and physical outlet, music also improves literacy and quantitative reasoning, and provides valuable social and emotional benefits too. Music helps keep these benefits from lapsing during summer.

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