January 2018: Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards

Norwell High School has again found great success at the Boston Globe Scholastic Art & Writing Awards!  Student works across a wide variety of media were recognized for their technical and artistic excellence through the awarding of 8 Gold Keys (the program’s highest honor), 12 Silver Keys and 15 Honorable Mentions.  The following students were recognized:

Rebecca Barry: 2 Gold Keys in Drawing/Illustration, Honorable Mention in Art Portfolio
Caroline Bisio: Honorable Mention in Painting
Timothy Borunov: 2 Honorable Mentions in Poetry
Christopher Burke: 2 Gold Keys in Ceramics/Glass, 5 Silver Keys in Art Portfolio, Ceramics/Glass, Sculpture and Mixed Media
Lily Clifford: Honorable Mention in Digital Art
Mary Foley: Honorable Mention in Photography
Megan Griffitts: Silver Key in Photography
Elizabeth Hanna: Gold Key in Printmaking, Honorable Mention in Printmaking
Gwen Jepsen: Silver Key in Ceramics/Glass
Dallis Kehoe: Honorable Mention in Painting, Honorable Mention in Mixed Media
Delia Kelly: Honorable Mention in Painting
Nicole Lasky: Honorable Mention in Design
Katherine Maescher: Honorable Mention in Painting
Anna Roman: Silver Key in Painting
Mary Saich: Silver Key in Drawing/Illustration
Elizabeth Sheedy: Gold Key in Digital Art, Honorable Mention in Digital Art, Silver Key in Flash Fiction, 2 Silver Keys in Poetry
Caroline Twombly: Gold Key in Digital Art
Elizabeth Vasquez: Gold Key in Digital Art, Honorable Mention in Art Portfolio, Honorable Mention in Short Story

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